Ravenshoe Timber Plantation

Cousins Securities has established a timber plantation at Ravenshoe consisting of two titles: Lot 635 (615 hectares) and Lot 634 (410.3 hectares) - a total of 1,025 hectares (2,500 acres).

The properties are divided by the Wild River Road and front the Wild River. The timber readily available for milling includes cypress pine, iron bark and yellow stringy bark. A plantation management program is underway to introduce new species. The species growing on the plantation include:

  • Cypress (Callitris inratropica) - An under-rated timber, it is virtually indestructible except by fire. It is resistant to termites and borers, and suitable for ground contact.
  • Iron bark (Eucalyptus crebera) - A very heavy red timber suitable for ground contact. It is used for posts, poles and railway sleepers.
  • Bluegum (Eucalyptus teritacornis) - Suitable for ground contact and severe hazard, it has sound stems suitable for milling. Usually occurs with Carbeen along water courses of this property.
  • Carbeen (Eucalyptus tesselaris) - Suitable for ground contact and severe hazard, it has sound stems suitable for milling. Occurs with Bluegum along water courses.
  • Molloy red box (Eucalyptus leptophleba) - An attractive tree with red timber, it is very hard and heavy (1,120 kg per cubic metre). It is especially suitable for ground contact and severe hazards, in fact all purposes. As it is comparatively rare and slow growing, this tree has a high conservation value.
  • Yellow stringy bark (Eucalyptus acminoides) - A heavy hardwood (1,010 kg per cubic metre), it can be used for virtually any timber application. The timber is often straight grained and polishes to a high sheen. The sapwood is not susceptible to lyctid borer.
  • Poplar gum / white gum (Eucalyptus alba) - While this heavy timber (1,040 kg per cubic metre) can be useful in construction, generally its form is poor. The sapwood is susceptible to lyctid borer and the timber is not suitable for ground contact.
  • Hairyoak (Allocasurina interflora) - A small tree not more than 25 cm diameter, it has heavy, hard dark red timber that is ideal for wood turning. This species is found in the really tough places.
  • Grass trees (Xanthorea johnstonii) - A valuable and very slow-growing decorative tree.

Project Resources

    Ravenshoe Timber Plantation Plans — Ravenshoe Timber Plantation Plans.pdf